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Energy & Environment

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Hydropowerhydropower is energy that comes from the force of moving water.This energy can be produced by hydroelectic dams.Hydroelectric power is clean energy and a renewable source of energy.The dam resivors are replinished through the water cycle. A contiuous cycle of flowing water.The 2,400 hydroelectic dams are used and produce 20% of the United states electricity

This idea of hydroelectric power was not presented only a few days ago. Water wheels from long ago turned the water flow into energy, to do certain jobs.The first hydroelectic dam was made on September 30 1882

There are 3 main parts of a hydroelectric dam. The resivor, the dam, and the power plant. Even though that this is a clean energy source, this can disturb animal habitats and change water patterns. These dams can store energy. These dams can also control flooding and let water be released when needed.These dams also use the tubines and generators to produce the energy.


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