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Energy & Environment

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Hydropower By:Karen

Hydropower- Hydropower is the power of running water.Oceans and rivers provide Hydropower. Hydropower is renewable energy.Renewable energy means that we can use that energy forever and won't run out of it.

Did you know that.. Today Hydropower provides 20% of our electricity? Did you know that Hydropower is the main source or energy for more than 30 countries? Did you know that Greeks used water wheels to grind their wheat into flour?

Facts* ' Hydro' comes from the Greek word meaning water. * Hydropower causes almost no pollution to the Earth* In the U.S. Hydropower is the more less expensive renewabletype of energy.* The main goal of using Hydropower is to make electricity. * You can use Hydropower anywhere on the Earth, just so that place has running water.

Advantages and concerns about some dams.


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