Hydroponics Lab

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Hydroponics Lab

Hydroponics Lab

Summary:This lab lets you grow a plant with no soil. To make this happen you cut a two liter bottle in half and turn the top of the bottle upside down and set inside the bottom of the bottle. You then poke a hole in your lid and feed a piece of cloth through it. Fill the bottom half of the bottle with water and the top half of the bottle with fertilizer. Place your seeds on top and water. Then watch your plant grow!

Objectives:The students will construct an area for a plant seed to grow without using soil. The students will estimate the growth of their seed.

Standard:2-LS4-1 Biological Evolution: Unity and DiversityMake observations of plants and animals to compare the diversity of life in different habitats.

Materials:2 liter bottleMaterialFertlizerScissorsWaterSeeds

Safety Precautions:Point scissors down when carrying, don't run with scissors, be careful when cutting hole in lid.

Steps:1. Cut hold in lid.2. Cut 2 Liter in half.3. Put piece of material through the hold in the lid.4. Fill the bottom half of the bottle halfway up with water. 5. Fill the top half of the bottle halfway up with fertilizer. 6. Place two to three seeds on top of the fertilizer and water.7. Watch your plant grow!

After step 3

Future Classroom:When teaching about plants, have the students plant a seed in soil and keep it in the sunlight. Also have them do this lab, planting a seed in fertlizer. Watch the two seeds grow and compare and contrast them. Show the students that some plants can survive in other ways.

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