Hydroponics Example

by DDennis468
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Hydroponics Example

This is a water culture hydroponic system. The plants that are growing in it are Mesclun salad mix. I used a plastic egg carton, perlite and nutrient solution to grow these plants. The plants get their air through the holes I poked in the sides of the egg pockets which can reach the roots because the perlite is porous. The nutrient solution is kept at a low level in the bottom of the holding container. It wicked its way to the seeds through the holes in the bottom. Eventually the roots will grow out these holes and reach the solution themselves.

Recycled HydroponicsDesign by Lin P.

The materials I used to create this hydroponics system is a plastic egg carton, a sharp screw, a pair of scissors, perlite, nutrient solution and seeds.

1. First I cut the lid off of the egg carton with scissors and set that aside. This egg carton had a top and bottom that were identical so I used the scissors to separate them. I did not use one of them. 2. Next I used the sharp screw to make four holes on the bottom of each cup. 3. I used the same screw to make three holes on the sides of each cup. 4. I poured 1/2 an inch of nutrient solution in the top tray then placed the egg carton on top. 5. I filled each egg cup with perlite so it was half an inch below the the top of the carton because the seed packet said to sow 1/4 inch deep. 6. I spread the seeds throughout the egg cups as directed on the seed packet. 7. I added another 1/4 inch of perlite and put it under grow lights. 8. I add nutrient solution to the bottom tray as it dries up.


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