Hydroponic lab

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Hydroponic lab


Hydroponic lab

Materials needed:

Students will contsruct a hydroponic lab which will be used to grow plants with water and soil but without sun. The use of the bottle and t-shirt will maintain the growth of the plant seeds without the need for sunlight.

The students will recognize why it is possible for the seeds to can grow with water and t-shirt material being substituted for sunlight.

safety precautions:if students are putting the hole into the pop bottle lid place the cap on a hard surface like a table while hammering the nail into the pop lid.

During this lab students will cut a 20 oz. pop bottle in half and place the bottom half of the bottom filled half way with water on it's base. The top of the bottle will be placed upside down going into the bottom half of the bottle with a hole in the lid that has t-shirt fabric placed through the hole into the bottom portion of the bottle. Then, the miracle gro and vermiculite will be placed in the top half of the bottle along with the plant seeds and a little bit of water.

Video of Hydroponic lab

20 oz. bottlenailhammerscissorsold t-shirtseedsperlite miracle-gro vermiculitewater

Standard:2-LS2 Ecosystems: Interactions, Energy, and DynamicsStudents who demonstrate understanding can:Plan and conduct an investigation to determine if plants need sunlight and water to grow.

I would use this activity to show students that it is possible to grow a plant without one of the main components that are usually used in growing a plant. I would show them all of the ways that plants can be grown without each of the components.


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