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Chemical Elements

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Interesting Facts1. NASA uses liquid hydrogen as onw of the fuels for its rockets.2. Antoine Lavoisier, the French chemist who gave hydrogen its name, was executed during the later years of French revolution.3. The first gas balloon flight was in 1783, and the gas used in the balloon was hydrogen. However, hydrogen's use in filling airships ended when the Hindenburg caught on fire.4. Antihydrogen is the only antimatter element made so far, Each atom of antihydrogen contains a positron (positively charged version of the electron) orbiting an antiproton (negatively charged version of the proton).5. Hydrogen is the main source of ammonia production, which is then largely used as a fertilizer ingredient.6. Hydrogen is the main component of Jupiter and the other gas giant planets.7. Hydrogen is the only element whose three common isotopes – protium, deuterium and tritium.8. Hydrogen is the only element that can exist without neutrons; Hydrogen’s most abundant isotope has no neutrons.9. Hydrogen is the only atom for which the Schrödinger equation has an exact solution.10. Hydrogenation is the process of adding Hydrogen to another compound in order to saturate it. Hydrogenation does result in the production of trans fatty acids which are said to be highly unhealthy.

Hydrogent has an atomic mass of about 1.00794and a melting point of −259.16°C.It’s standard state is a gas, and its atomic number is one.And although it is colorless, it does give off a faint odor of rotten eggs.


Hydrogen has a moderately weak bond, especially compared to traditional covalent and ionic bonds. However, when hydrogen bonds with elements from groups 15, 16, and 17, it creates a powerful intermolecular bond, which requires much more heat energy to break down.


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The element hydrogen is part of group one, period one, is a nonmetal. It also has only one valence electron.Of course the only element in the Hydrogen family is the element Hydrogen.



Hydrogen is atomic element number 1, located in the top left corner.

Liquid Hydrogen

Hydrogen Gas


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