Hydrogen Cars

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Environmental Studies

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Hydrogen Cars

Hydrogen Cars

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Hydrogen fuel cells are a clean, reliable, quiet, and efficient source of high-quality electric power.

Economic Factors

Hydrogen car video

Coal powers electric cars

hydrogen to mechanical energy

Environmental Factors


Coal powers electric cars

It leaves no emissions after burning, water and heat as the only by-products.

Hydrogen fuel can be obtained from MULTIPLE SOURCES and for a very long time. Even electrolysis is used to produce hydrogen from water.

Hydrogen can be produced domestically from several sources, reducing our dependence on petroleum imports.

Hydrogen is so readily available. While it may take some work to access, there is no element in the universe as abundant as hydrogen.

The National Research Council predicts that the cost of the hydrogen itself, measured on a per mile basis, could soon be as much as 50 percent lower than the current cost of gasoline.


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