Hydrogen Cars Pros

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Hydrogen Cars Pros

Hyrdrogen Car Pros

Benefitting Earth

Reproducing Hydrogen!

What did we do?



Hydro Car!

Easier on Your Wallet

No more gas!

Yes, the car may be a little more expensive than your regular car but the benefits are so much better! Good deal number 1:60 miles= 1 kilogram of HyrogenGood deal number 2: The hydrogen gas lasts forever! Once it's there it never leaves until its used!.

Random facts

-Hydrogen is 14 times lighter than air.-58% of the hydrogen produced today is used in refining gasoline. It's also used in fertilizers and food processing and making consumer products toothpaste and laundry detergent

*One HUGE benefit of the hyrogen car is that there is no pollution! *Regular cars release harmful gasses, and pollute the world we live in. *No fossil fuels will be used!No threat to the Envirornment!

*Hydrogen can be reproduced from: -Livestock-Wastewater slugde-Landfill waste-Natural elements also such as water, sunlight and wind*Less Trash!


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