Hydroelectricity v.s. Nuclear

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Hydroelectricity v.s. Nuclear

There are more safer and cost effective ways to generate electricity. We can:-use renewable energy sources-save energy in homes and communities so we don't need to generate as much-raise awarness e.g. newspaper article, education in schools, government campaigns

- located near Lake Ontario in Pickering- 3,000 employees- produces 15-20% of Ontario's electricity- serves around 1.5 million people- 6 operating CANDU® reactors (CANadian Deuterium Uranium)


Pickering Nuclear Generating Station

-generates electricity for parts of Canada and the U.S.A. -many hydroelectric dams were built-3 operating in Canada-6 operating in the U.S.A.

Niagara Falls

Today I will be comparing the environmental effects of the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station and the Sir Adam Beck hydroelectric dams in Niagara Falls.



By: Olivia Brunetti

The Process-Called nuclear fission -Atoms of the uranium are split into smaller parts-This creates heat-The heat is used to generate electricity-This process is all done in the CANDU® reactors-This splitting of the uranium by nuclear fission is top secret because the same process is used in atomic bombs

Pros vs. Cons Pros Cons-made of concrete which helps -uses up non-renewable to keep radiation inside sources (uranium)-The 51m vacuum building -uranium is mined (unsafe)takes in any released radioactive -pollutionsteam -unsafe if nuclear waste leaks-this station generates a lot of our -very expensive *costs billions electricity for Ontario of dollars to build and buy -Creates jobs for families equipment-generates millions of times moreelectricity than burning fossil fuels

Sir Adam Beck #2-commisioned in 1954-contains 16 generators-a reservoir was created to hold the water for use during the day-at night, water is diverted by 5-mile tunnels (about 8 km) under the city of Niagara Falls from the Niagara River-newer and more improved-renewable energy source

Sir Adam Beck #1-commisioned in 1922-contains 10 generators-water is diverted through the Chippawa-Queenston Power Canal from Welland River-first large scale hydroelectric generation project in the world-National Historic Site of Canada (since 1990)-renewable energy source


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