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Hydro power is a form of renewable energy that uses the potenial energy of water to turn A turbine thus generating energy.

Why shouldn't you use the other sorces

Why should you use it

-It is a form of renewable energy.-the cost of energy production is very low.-about 16 percent of global electricity consumption.-3,427 terawatthours of electricity production in 2010 by hydro power.-Dams are tourist attractions an example is the hoover dam. -The water can be reused and their is no carbon dioxide hiven off by it.

Coal- it is non renewable, it cuases global warming, the coal supply will run out some day.Natrual gas- its non renewable, it is flamible so it is dangerous, it cuases global warming.Oil- it is non renewable, it causes global warming. It will run out.Nuclear- it is radioactive

A hydro electric power plant.

Hydro power is the only power that doesnot creat heat except solar and wind

one may think that it is very expensive to get a piece of property large enough to produce energy. one may be wrong becuase it will pay for its self through the electrisity and the torist attractions.

water with lightning

dark knight tron legacy transformes 3


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