Hydroelectric Energy

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Hydroelectric Energy

Maintaining downstream flow for hydroelectric dams in the Pacific Northwest causes conflict because they are trying to restore salmon habitat.

Hydroelectric energy!

California's environment and landscape has affected the way hydroelectric energy is used in California because:

Climate change can cause large amounts of rain, which might cause the reservoir to let in too much water. That would cause the system to fail. That means that hydroelectric energy shouldn't be used in areas with lots of rain.

Climate change can also cause lower reservoir levels, which can cause a drought by using that water for hydroelectric energy

Climate change has affected the way hydroelectric energy is used in California because:

In our enviorment there are fish, and the dam of the hydroelectric energy system blocks them from passing. Because of that, people have installed items called fish ladders. These allow fish to slowly swim upstream and migrate.

Dams flood river banks, which destroys the habitat around it. This could effect the wildlife living in or near the dam.

Silt build up is also a problem. Instead of getting to a delta or a river mouth, the silt builds up in the reservoir. This reduces the amount of water.

Hydroelectric power plants we sensitive to timing and volume of water. Because climate change can can effect downstream flow, it will cause the amount of electricity will reduce.

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