Hydro Power

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Energy & Environment

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Hydro Power

Hydro Power

Enviormental Impact

- Built on rivers- Damming river can alter river systems and wildlife habitates- Will create a reservoir - Can store water during times of drought- may affect water quality by churning up disolved metals that have been deposited by industry-control flodding


- Best at a waterfall- Second bast at dam- Most rivers already damed- Better in places that get more rain - Dams without hydro can be retrofitted for it - 84,000 dams only 2,200 were built for electricity generation

- Quite expensive to create a dam- When water is needed the dam might have to pum water to produce energy spending some- cheapest way to generate electricity - the energy source - flowing water is free- low maintenece costs



- Hydro plant is able to store its own energy (water in reservoir)- Water that is used can be re-pumped- May not be as effective because of climate change in some areas - Water can be held back at night when less energy is being used


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