[2015] Nolan B (6th Earth Science 2015): Hydraulic fracturing

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[2015] Nolan B (6th Earth Science 2015): Hydraulic fracturing

What is Fracking?• Fracking is the process of injecting sand, water, and chemical fluid into the ground to release natural gases inside shale rocks• There is a battle between enviornmentalists and Fracking companies on whether fracking is bad for the enviornment or not• Fracking has skyrocketed over the past 10 years and has become the most used method of extracting gases from the earth• Fracking chemicals can be bad for the enviornment and are a very likely cause of global warming• The fracking process that we use to extract gas from the earth is worse than the process we normally use to extract oil

What Materials Does Fracking Consume?• Fracking uses over 600 chemicals including methane, lead, uranium, mercury, radium, and hydrochloric acid• Fracking uses over 40,000 gallons of chemicals per fracturing• 1-8 million gallons of water are used per hydraulic fracturing• It takes 400 tanker trucks to carry the water to and from a fracking site• 72 trillion gallons of water and 360 billion gallons of chemicals are used to frack all wells in the US• Fracking yields 300 barrels of natural gas a day• Fracking sites are grounds used for fracking

Top Middle/Left: Fracking Infographic thatshows what materials fracking uses and how it is harmful to the enviornmentTop Right: A fracking site with a fracking well/tower

Middle Right: A fracking infographic that shows what fracking is and where it is performed. It also shows what fracking does to the enviornment, and why it is bad.Middle Left: A fracking photo that shows a diagram of the process of fracking. It shows the fracking wells/towers, and the multiple components of fracking such as Horizontal Drilling, Fractured Shale Formation, Well Bore, and the Freshwater AquifierBottom Left: Shows a real fracking site with a tower and well, as well as the tanker trucks that supply fracking companies. It is located in the capital of Texas, (Austin)

Hydraulic Fracturing

By Nolan Bowyer


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