Hwaiian Vacation

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Hwaiian Vacation

Hawaiian Vacation

Over the summer, my family and I went to Hawaii for vacation. The thing that stood out to me the most was hearing all of the different languages and accents as we did our daily activities. I was quite surprised at how many Japanese tourists we came across, as well as Australian tourists. I hadn't realized there was such a call for tourism to Hawaii from those places. As a tourist, I like to live in the moment and make memories, and I'll take pictures as an after thought. I also like to get souvenirs that are authentic to the place that I am visiting. However I noticed that Japanese tourists were taking pictures of everything, seeing everything through their camera lenses; and the places they were shopping for souvenirs could be classified as very "American". It made me wonder if these differences would result in different perceptions of what is Hawaiian.

For the most part, I was never really uncomfortable in the environment I was in, I only fond it very surprising (and not in a bad way either) just how much Japapnese tourism influences Oahu specifically.


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