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Earth Sciences


  • sg4u5e4 10 years ago

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    I like the picture at the bottom. It really shows the effect a hurricane can have on the ocean. I also like the last video beside the picture. I enjoyed listening to how they tracked down Hurrican Earl and how powerful it was.
    Marissa D.

  • sp4ggrk 10 years ago

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    Thats cool that you put all of the names of the the hurricanes and the year that they happened.
    Tim C

  • s2au54z 10 years ago

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    Really cool and i like the lists of names of big hurricanes on the right side i think there was one named after me.

  • sjdk6ba 10 years ago

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    I'm sorry but you missed hurricane Katrina. that was a major hurricane in Louisiana. that had a horrible affect on Louisiana.
    Savannah Leneave:)

  • scwoqah 10 years ago

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    I knew hurricanes where big but not billions of dollors worth of damage bbig! Really good!! Wish tht the red hurricane vid worked. Austin S.

  • sycxcf9 10 years ago

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    I didnt know that hurricanes can cause billions of dollars of damage.
    -Bethany G.

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