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Weather and Climate

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Hurricanes are most likely to occur over tropical oceans.

Hurricane Katrina

By Maggie Dierks 8Ma/5th hour

For hurricanes to occur, the temperature of the water needs to be at least 80ºF. Once the water reaches 80ºF, the warm air starts rising up rapidly and goes in different directions eventually creating a swirl. Then the wator vapor cools and condenses to form clouds that get trapped inside the swirl. This process happens over and over while gaining speed and eventually creating a hurricane. -The average wind speed of hurricanes ranges from about 20mph all the way up to 150mph.-The amount of water produced from a hurricane is usually 6-10 inches. -Hurricanes are classified by the maximum wind speed and the maximun height of the flood.

Hurricane Katrina

-leading up to this event, there were many harsh thunderstorms that went on for days.-During this event, the hurricane formed near the Carribean Island and moved all the way to the gulf of Mexico. It eventually reached the United States where it reached it's maximum speed of 180 mph. It destroyed thousands of buildings and homes. It killed nearly 2,000 people in the U.S.-The cost of Hurricane Katrina's damage was about 96 to 125 billion dollars -It left millions of people homeless, stranded. or hungry.

Path of Hurricane Katrina

Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina


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