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Catagory Hurricanes

Catagory Hurricanes: Hurricanes are rated from the wind speeds to measure their strength too. They are rated from Catagory 1(Weakest) to Catagory 5(Strongest).The different Catagorys are:Catagory 1: the wind speed is from 74-95 mph. The kinds of damage they can do are minimal damage. buildings are mostly unharmed, mobile homes, trees, and signs can be damaged. There is some flooding and dock and boat damage.Catagory 2: the wind speed is from 96-110 mph. They can do medium damage. Some trees are blown down. Roofs, doosr and windows can be damaged.Catagory 3: The wind speeds are from 111-130 mph. They can cause extensive damage. There is some damage to small buildings. Mobie homes can be destroyed, large trees are blown down, and signs are destroyed. Flooding and winds can destroy small building near the coast.Catagory 4: wind are from 131-155 mph. There is extreme damage. Roofs can collapse on homes and small buildings. There is major damage to lower floors of buildings near the coast. Flat areas lower then 20 ft or 3m anove sea level may be flooded.Catagory 5: wind speeds are 156 mph and above. There is Catastrophic Damage. Large buildings can loose roofs. All trees are blown down, and door and window glass shatter. Small buildings can be overturned or blown away.

Naming the Storm:Every year ever since 1953 meteorologists have made a list of 21 names for hurricanes. If a storm is especially deadly their name is taken off the list and can't be used again. Some of these names are:Allison-2001Charley-2004Katrina- 2005Stan-2005Wilma-2005Rita-2005Dennis-2005Irene- 2011Sandy-2012

How Hurricanes are made:There are 5 steps to making a hurricane.1. Warm seawater has to be above 80 degress F or 27 degrees C. It is easily evaporated and makes moist, warm air.2. Wind near the surface comes together and pushes the moist air from step 1 up to help start making clouds.3. Rain clouds group together into clusters4. As the water vapor changes into water drops that make clouds for thunderstorms the air is warmed up even more. The warm air evaporates more water.5. Winds on top and under the storm clouds move the clouds together.


Hurricane Katrina

Hurricanes are storms that last for long periods of time. They have spinning clouds that are full of wind and rain.

Hurricane Katrina:Hurrican Katrina took place in Southeast Louisiana, Southern Mississippi, and Southwestern Alabama. The Gulf Coast landfall on August 29, 2005. During the storm 1,836 people died and 705 were missing. It was a catagory 3 hurricane at landfall but soon turned into a catagory 5.

I Survived:Rain brought by Hurrican Mitch soaked Casita Volcano in Nicaragua. An enormous mudslide came down the volcano killing 2,000 people. Seven year old Jaun Pablo Montoya lost his mom, dad, and 3 of his siblings. He was lucky to survive. Mud surronded him up to his neck and trapped him. A large branch hid him from sight so it would make it hard to find him. After 2 days some men from a different village found him. When they helped him out of the mud he was weak, but still alive. 2 of his older brothers survived the mudslide with him. Juan and his brothers moved into a tent camp with 1,000 other survivors.

I Survived

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