[2015] Grace McKerchar: Hurricanes

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Weather and Climate

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[2015] Grace McKerchar: Hurricanes


Where do Hurricanes occurHurricanes are most likley to occur in North and South America becaues they are formed near the equator

What are HuricanesA Hurricane is a huge storm with strong winds spiralling inwards

Who does it effectIt effects a lot of human families and children lives. As many of the parence die the children go to live in an orphanage with there sad lives behind them

How does it happenThey form over really warm oceans and require cold are with swirlling winds which makes hurricanes hapen.

What does it effect It effects lots of houses roads, shop, schools, beaches and parks

Why does it happenHurricanes happen because when oceans become really hot they automatically form a Hurricane

When do they happenHurricanes occur when the oceans become warm during hot months witch are November and October


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