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What's a hurricane

Conditions/Indiana Weather?


By: Bryson Wittler, Luke Brogan, and Brigid Clarey

The Definition of hurricane is a tropical storm with violent wind, in particular a tropical cyclone in the Caribbean.

Hurricanes are developed when the sun's rays heat tropical waters to at least 82 dgrees F. This causes the air to grow warmer and rise causing a small storm. Water vapor rises causing an even more violent, bigger storm. The heat from the water vapor causes the air to rise faster and faster. In about 12 hours, the heated vapor and air will begin to circle in a countter-clockwise direction. This makes the storm even stronger than what was, plus wiht increasing wind speeds. The hurricnae is categorized as a hurricane when the wind speeds reach 74mph.

Moisture- There is a lot of moisture in the air because well, it's raining, but before the hurricane is created; water is heated into vapor and rises into the atmosphere. This is moisture.

Air Pressure- Inside the eye of the hurricane, the air pressure is very low. The winds are also very low and sometimes even calm, but outside the eye wall the air pressure is extremely high.

Winds- A hurricane is a tropical storm with extremely violent wind. I'm pretty sure the definition answers this question, but the wind is created when a small storm occurs because of the water vapor coming into the atmosphere.

Heat- Heat is basically the founder of a hurricane. The heat from the sun heats the water, which causes the water to evaporate and become water vapor. The water rises into the atmosphere, eventually becoming a small storm.

Conditions- You first have to have a heat source to heat the water to at least 82 degrees F. You then need heated air and heated water vapor to rise into the atmosphere to create the storm. You then need wind to go in a counter-clockwise direction to create the circular movement of the hurricane. Finally, you need 74 mph winds to even classify the storm as a hurricane.

Characteristics-Huricanne Formation, Wind, Pressure, and Circulation

Indiana Weather?-A hurricane could never be any type of Indiana weather. The reason for this is because a hurricane is a tropical storm and Indiana does not lieve in a tropical storm region. Indiana lives in a Humid Continental (warm summer) climate, not a tropical or sub-tropical enviroment. A hurricane may not be able to be in our weather climate region, but it can still affect us. When hurricanes die, they leave thunderstorms. These thunderstorms cross over the land to our state, Indiana. Thus, the hurricane did affect us.

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