Hurricane PBL for Little Read

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Hurricane PBL for Little Read

Plan your newscast. Begin by watching this sample newscast. Determine what your background will be (green screen, outdoors, wall map, etc.). Find or create props. Develop cue cards from your notes for the news anchor. Determine images and videos from your research to include in your newscast. Determine roles for your newscast. Include at least one news anchor along with one or more of these roles: field reporters, local residents, local service personnel, and meteorologist.

Research steps to prepare for a hurricane as a group and prepare a checklist for each category: supplies, safety precautions for home, shelters, local service provider information. Use this site to determine necessary precautions.

Create a whole class 2-column chart on what you already know and what you need to know to complete the project. Brainstorm and select an authentic audience for sharing the final project.

Click here to read an informational text about Hurricane Katrina.Using the Hurricane Katrina day-by-day video above, plot the hurricane on this tracking map.

With your partner or small group, research about hurricanes (categories, wind speed, precipitation, tornados, flooding). Use resources linked below along with other resources available in your classroom or library. Take notes to prepare for your newscast.Article about hurricanesHurricanes from Weather Wiz

In your newscast, be sure to include the following:1. General overview of the destruction from Hurricane Katrina on the 10th anniversary2. General information about hurricanes3. Emergency preparation checklists



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