Hurricane Dorian

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Hurricane Dorian

The Carnage Of Hurricane Dorian  Dorian

Dorian Hits CanadaOn Monday Morning, September 9th, Hurricane Dorian was just a tropical storm for over a week. NASA compiled data on Hurricane Dorian and created a map that showed the heavy rainfall totals it left in its wake from the Bahamas to Canada. After on Saturday and Sunday, September 7 and 8, Hurricane Dorian hit Canada's Eastern Coast, bringing heavy rainfall and strong winds. About 400,000 people were without power in Nova Scotia, Canada according to Associated Press. Soon after, on September 9th, The National Hurricane Center issued the final advisory of Dorian. Dorian had moved to Labrador Sea and its impacts on Newfoundland were just beginning. Post- Tropical Cyclone Dorian had maximum sustained winds near 50 knots. Dorian was speeding to the east-northeast at 21 knots. Additional rainfall totals expected from Dorian in far eastern Quebec, Newfoundland, and Labrador were expected to be less than an inch.

Personal Response When I was about 10 years, my parents owned this apartment in Cancun, Mexico. One time when it was just me, my mom and sister. A hurricane formed and past by where out apartment was, I remember being so scared because we were on the 12th floor. And I thought multiple ways how the building could collapse or ways that we could die. But at the end of it no one was hurt or killed and I was so thankful for it. So I could just image the pain and suffering the people of the Bahamas and every other place Dorian has affected. Because I remember being in one and it wasn't even a strong hurricane so I can't even image what the Bahamas went through.

The path of Dorian, and the changing of Dorian. Nextzen, OpenStreetMap, National Weather Service(Paul Duginski / Los Angeles Times)

Hurricane Dorian's path changing Northward toward Florida. By MORGAN WINSOR, EMILY SHAPIRO and MELISSA GRIFFIN

The aftermath of Dorian in the Bahamas, photo taken by time news.

Video showing the damage Hurricane Dorian did to the Bahamas, by The Guardian News.

"Its going toward the Gulf Of Mexico" President Of USA Donald Trump

"As a physician I've been trained to withstand many things but never anything like this" Bahamas PM Hubert Minnis


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