Hurricane Andrew

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Hurricane Andrew

Facts6) It became a hurricane on August 22 .7) It developed into a category 5 storm on the Saffir-Simpson hurricane scale.8) It weakened when traveling over The Bahamas, but then strengthened again over the Straits of Florida.9) It traveled west across the peninsula and then became a category three hurricane.10) 55,000 left the Florida Keys, 517,000 left Miami-Dade County, 300,000 left Broward County, and 315,000 fled Palm Beach County.

Facts1) Dade county in southeastern Florida had the most damage.2)The hurricane caused 26 direct and 39 indirect deaths.3) Damage in the Bahamas cost $250 million.4) Damage in the United States cost $26.5 billion.5) It began as a tropical depression off the west coast of Africa near the Cape Verde islands on August 16.

Hurricane - a storm with a violent wind, in particular a tropical cyclone in the Caribbean. During late August of 1992, Hurricane Andrew went through the Bahamas, southern Florida, and south-central Louisiana.

The atmospheric pressure was 1,015 millibars, up from 1,000 millibars the day before. Other hurricanes typically have atmospheric pressures lower than 1,000 millibars. It was the biggest Atlantic hurricane in US history until Hurricane Katrina passed it in 2005.

How to survive during and after the disaster hits. 1) Do not go outside at all, even if you're tempted to.2)Stay as far away as you can from windows and doors.3) Find a safe shelter in your house such as a basement if you have one.4)After a hurricane hits, make sure a building's structure is safe before you enter it.5) Check your home for exterior damage.

How to prepare before disaster hits1) Stock up on food and water. 2) Install anything that secures your property and protects you.3) Have an established evacuation plan4) Watch or listen to the news to learn when a hurricane is approaching.5) Be sure trees and shrubs around your home are well trimmed so they are more wind resistant.

Hurricane Andrew


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