Huricane Isaac

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Weather and Climate

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Huricane Isaac

Hurricane Isaac started as a tropical depression at a longitude of 53degrees W and at a latitude of 15degrees N and moved up to a tropical storm at 55degrees W 16degrees N. Then it moved into the Caribbean islands, making landfall in the Republic of Haiti at 74degrees W 18degrees N. Then it hit Cuba at 51degrees W 24degrees N. It was heading for Louisiana and before it hit at 91degrees W 29degrees N it strengthened to a category 1 hurricane with wind speeds at 70kn. At 93degees W 30degrees N it weakened into a tropical storm and started up north towards Arkansas. When it was going to hit Arkansas it weakened into a tropical depression at 94degrees W 33degrees N. Finally it died as a tropical depression at 93degreess W 37degrees N.

Huricane Isaac


The Path

Countries Impacted

Deaths and destruction of Hurricane Isaac


Hurricane Isaac killed about34 people even though it onlywas a catogory 1 hurricane!In Haiti 24, DominicanRepublic 5, and 5 in the UnitedStates of America! Also on top of that it destroed about 59,000 homes! Hurricane Isaac made a great amount of destruction.

Hurricane Isaac formedin August 28-29 2012 nearthe central Atlantic.The storm strengthened throughout the course through the Caribbean.From tropical depression to tropical storm it was going to make landfall in New Orleans,Lousiana,and its wind speeds went up to 80 mph becoming a category 1 hurricane. It made landfall with 70mph wind speeds.Hurricane Isaac had an ideal enviorment to form. It formed in the tropical climate zone and was five degrees from the equator.Just like all hurricanes it needed warm waters,a pre-existing thunder storm,and light winds to form.

All these contries got impacted by Huricane Isaac. Isaac made landfall in the United States, Haiti, Cuba, Guadeloupe, Dominica, and The Dominican Republic .

Hurricane Issac kept causing problem all across Louisianaand Missippi with wind speedsof 80 mph. When it started to hit land it started to weaken. By the time it had been on land and hit many countriesit was at a 30 knots per hour and died.The reason this happend is that when Isaac hit land there was no warm water to evaporate and feed it so in a way it slowly disapeared.


1. Did you know that the death toll of Isaac who was a hurricane category 1 is greater than a category 4 called Earl?2. Hurricane Isaac caused1.5 billion dollars in damages!3. More than 644, 000 people in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Arkansas lost power.4. Some 100 residents had been or were in the processes of being rescued in Plaquemines Parish.




This section is about how Isaac demonstrates interaction in between the four spheres of earth, the geosphere, hydrosphere,atmosphere, and biosphere.Hurricane Isaac started as a tropical depression in 2012 in the middle of the atlantic ocean.The hydrosphere in the middle of the Atlantic (which is in the tropical climate zone and five degrees from the equator) at that time were favorable for a hurricane to form (Isaac), because there were warm waters light winds and a pre-existing thunder storm.When the hurricane grew bigger it picked up wind speeds, this is an example of how the atmosphere interacts with the hydrosphere. When hurricane Isaac made landfall in many different countries it impacted their geosphere and biosphere. It destroyed a lot of land and houses with floods, and the countries had a loss of 34 civilians. This shows how the atmosphere and hydrosphere interact with the geosphere and biosphere.In my opinion this shows how hurricane Isaac demonstrates interaction in between the four spheres of earth.


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