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Huntington Witherill

Huntington Witherill was born in Syracuse, New York, in 1949 and moved to California in 1953. He became interested in the study of two-dimensional design which is what led to his career in fine art photography in 1970. His photographs have been featured in more than one hundred individual and group exhibitions like museums and galleries. He works with both color and black-and-white, the work body of his work is different in ranging going from landscapes, botanical subjects, still life, architecture, to even abstract digital imagining. Some of his photographs have been featured in a number of national and international magazines. He has also been teaching a variety of institutions and workshop programs throughout the United States, since 1975.

Tulips #55 2006

Huntington Witherill

Lilies and Bamboo#1, 2003

Ascending Stairs, Fort Casey, WA, 1996

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