[2015] braxton briscoe: Hunting Bow's

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[2015] braxton briscoe: Hunting Bow's

Bcy xBcy x is made up of synthetic material made of carbon/hydrogen.Bcy x come's from polyethylene is drived from either modifying natural gas (a methane, ethane,propane mix) or from the catalytie, cracking of crude oil into gasoiline. Bcy x has a good and bad inpact on earth by. Good is it is the same used in plastic packaging. A bad one is it is not biodegradible.

AluminiumAluminium come's from boxsites, ore that's in the earth's crust's . Aluminiumis good and bad for the environment. It's good by aluminium is recyclable so it can be renewed so it save's natural resources. It's bad by it's being shiped it poor countries


StealSteal comes from minerals such as iron ore. Steal is good and bad, its good by steal is recyclable so we don't have to use it up, and bad by when we burn it cause's gasses.

Hunting Bows

IronIron come's mineral's in the earth's crust, iron is a raw ore that come's from the forming of the rocks.Iron is good and bad for the environment,its good by, iron is recyclable and bad by the gasses that come from the melting of the iron, iron rust's so if you get cut you could get tetaeus witch is is a sickness.


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