[2015] Allyson Funk (6th Period APWH): Hungary hot spot

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[2015] Allyson Funk (6th Period APWH): Hungary hot spot

Hungary Hot Spot

A destroyed Soviet T34-85 in Budapest, 1956. The turret is lying behind the hull.

Hungarian leader Imre Nagy waits in vain for Western help, but the Soviets install a new, servile government under staunch Communist Janos Kadar.

On 17th June 1958, the Hungarian government announced that several of the reformers had been convicted of treason and attempting to overthrow the "democratic state order" and Imre Nagy, Pal Maleter and Miklos Gimes had been executed for these crimes.

*October 23rd 1956 - November 10th 1956*Hungarian Prime Minister Imre Nagy vs. Soviet Union*Budapest Hungary *Hungary was part of the Soviet union side of the iron curtain. *They called it the Hungarian revolution not the cold war*Hungarian revolution was almost 3 weeks long*Hungary communist party -Tried taking over the government and forming a communist government, modeled after the government of the Soviet Union. They were never able to truly have complete control though. *The government tried fixing too many things at once, without representation from most people. *Following the world war the soviet union gained control over hungary

Causes-It started when Hungarian citizens developed a strong anger toward the Soviet’s efforts to properly organize agriculture, reduce the influence of the Catholic Church and remove wealth from the Hungarian economy in order to improve Russia.

American Point Of VeiwThe west had no responce so the Soviet saw it as a chance to not worry about the western front. Since so much was going on in the US they ignored the facts.

Soviet point of view- The soviets wanted to keep hungary under soviet control and didn't want Hungary to break free from their control

By- Allyson Funk& Ellen Mendez


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