Hungry for Justice

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Hungry for Justice

Explore this lesson to find out why detainees are on a hunger strike. It all comes down to Human Rights, what they are and if they are the rights of all or some. Should it depend on where you live, if you are a prisoner of war or a convicted criminal. What are they and who gets them. YOU DECIDE

First determine what it means to "protest". Most are "acts of peaceful opposition or of attempted persuasion, extending beyond verbal expressions but stopping short of noncooperation or nonviolent intervention."

Research one type of nonviolent protest. Make a short presentation which explains the method, how useful it is, and examples of when it was used. Consider one of these:parades, vigils, picketing, posters, sit-ins, mourning, hunger strikes, "occupy" and protest meetings.

Where is Guantánamo Bay? What is it and why are they protesting? And what are Human Rights?

Can you find Cuba on a world map? It is below, or south, of the USA. Can you find Guantánamo Bay in Google Earth?

Camp X-Ray is the code name for a prison camp in Guantanamo Bay.It is where the U.S. is housing Afghan suspects has detained

No legal representation No inspections from Human Right's groups No accountability for the captors No checks on abuse Not charged with crimes Not allowed counsel Identities not disclosed to anyone No status as POWs given Rules of Geneva Convention for treatment of prisoners not honored. Trials, including death penalty decisions, will be secret



"All human beings deserve respect because they all have human dignity?"Explore this site of information, activities and games. Find information that will help you decide if this statement is right or wrong. Fill out the Pursuasion Map and print it off to share. This is a great opportunity to make a presentation of your own to help teach other children and adults what Human Rights are.

Follow this link to the Persuasion Map to organize your notes. Research and defend the statement on the right. Do you agree? Why?



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