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Hunger Games

The Hunger Games

Authors: Karol and Nicole M.

Title: Major Themes Analysis

SurvivalThe key central theme of the Hunger Games is survival. Katniss has to learn to survive and take care of herself and her family after her father dies (33). We see alliances being made between the tributes (58). We also see Katniss pretends to fall in love with Peeta to kee her and him alive by gaining sympathy from sponsors.

ClassIn Panem, the citizens are divided into districts. Districts have little contact with one another, and are further divided by specific trades (66). Furthermore, within the districts, there is a socioeconomic divide. In the book we see that the poor are dissadvantaged as the teens have to take tesserae to feed themselves and their families (14).

LoveThroughout the novel, we see evidence of love. Katniss, essentially takes on the role of provider to feed her young sister and grieving mother after her father's death(29,30). We also see the extent of Katniss love towards her sister Primrose when she volunteers to take her place as tribute (23).

"I couldn’t go home. Because at home was my mother with her dead eyes and my little sister, with her hollow cheeks and cracked lips. I couldn’t walk into that room with the smoky 30 fire from the damp branches I had scavenged at the edge of the woods after the coal had run out, my bands empty of any hope." (29,30)At hearing Prim's name Katnis rushes to her sister, and pushes her behind her. She gasps, "I volunteer!". She continues, "I volunteer as tribute" (23)

After her father's death, Katniss worries about how she and her family will survive, especially since her mother is grive striken. Katniss goes as far as descring her as having "dead eyes" (29). One day after school, after looking at a dandelion and thinking of the hunting trips she used to take with her father, she figured out how they were going to survive (33).In the games, strong alliances are formed at the early stages of the game, where the "strong band together to hunt down the weak" (158). Even Katniss forms alliance with Rue to help each other survive (198, 199).During the Hunger Games, Katniss constantly thinks how she can get sponsors to help her and Peeta survive. She thinks, "One kiss equals one pot of broth" (257)

As Cinna talks to Katniss, she thinks of the outfitt that she will wear, which represents her district:

But here’s the catch. Say you are poor and starving as we were. You can opt to add your name more times in exchange for tesserae. Each tessera is worth ameager year’s supply of grain and oil for one person. You may do this for each of your family members as well." (14)

For the opening ceremonies, you’re supposed to wear something that suggests your district’s principal industry. District 11, agriculture. District 4, fishing. District 3, factories. This means that coming from District 12, Peeta and I will be in some kind of coal miner’s getup." (66)

As Katniss contemplates the amount of time she has taken tesserae, she reflects on the injustice of the system in which she leaves in:

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