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Hunger games movie review


A Film Review By: Richa Luthra

Against all odds, Katniss Everdeen returns to district 12 from conquering the 74th Annual Hunger Games with her district partner, Peeta Mellark. Katniss is satisfied as she has miraculously survived the deadly games. She returns to her family, securely, with treasures. Something has changed, it’s eccentric, it’s alarming. She returns to her beloved ones, and her longtime friend Gale. Gale attempts to persuade Katniss to escape and run away, to go some place where the capitol is inoperative to restrain them. Despite the freedom, Katniss refuses his offer as her family needs her and she cannot escape from her duties. Peeta and Katniss travel to all the districts and speak to the respectful citizens about the loss of their district members and convince the capitol that they both, are in love. Just as Katniss believes that all is well, President Snow prepares to launch the 75th Annual Hunger Games (The Quarter Quell) in which, two victors from each district are required to participate in the games. The structure of the arena is revealed to be a clock in which horrifying events play in each hour. Francis Lawrence has done an incredible job in surprising the audience with numerous twists and turns, leaving the audience in an awe moment. The negatives are limited but the major one concludes of the battling between the tributes. If president Snow created the 75th Annual Hunger Games purposely just to murder Katniss, why were all the tributes fighting even though they did not prefer to represent their district? If tributes were against participating in the Hunger Games, why did they plan to kill one another? The positives may include the many interesting characters involved namely; Johanna Mason, a rebellious girl with unlimited temper as well as Beetee, a scientist studying electricity. He comes in very helpful as of the arena is in fact composed of many electronic circuits. I undoubtedly believe that considering the negatives, Catching Fire is one of the many most incomparable films of mine as the genre is most likely suitable for me. This book is recommended for teenagers who adore thriller as well as action. The story-line is incredibly hooking and attention grabbing and the plot twists during the movie are continuous. Catching Fire concludes very elegantly in a manner which makes the watcher majorly suspicious.


The book series

The improvements needed in Catching Fire are namely; the victory tour and the narration. Firstly, the victory tour shown in the movie should either be removed completely, or shown limitedly. The Victory tour scenes fill up numerous amounts of time in the beginning and so there is less time to introduce and describe more characters. Catching Fire can benefit more effectively by introducing the action right at the beginning in order to grab the audience’s attention. Instead of the victory tour shown at the start, these scenes could have been replaced purposively with more description on the two interesting character’s Finnick and Johanna, who aren’t introduced completely until approximately half of the film. Secondly, the movie should allow Katniss to narrate. The book represents all the plot from Katniss’s point of view and it should be done the same with the film. We should allow the girl on fire to speak for herself as well as display the emotions through the narration throughout the film. It also depicts the significance of the character and the perceptions of the character will be different from the others and so the audience is capable to compare. I undoubtedly believe that these two improvements namely; victory tour and narration are the two base ideas needed for the improvement of the fantastic film ‘Catching Fire’ as these two will make the film more interesting as well as intriguing. Therefore, these two factors are needed for the improvement of Catching Fire and for the entertainment of the audience.


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