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Hunger Games

This is the main site!

Dine on our fine gormet crusine!!!

Seventy-five years before the 74th Hunger Games, the thirteen districts of Panem rose up against the Capitol. Together, they were a formidable force, but when District 13 was destroyed by the Capitol, resistance became impossible, because District 13 was the driving cause behind the rebellion. The remaining districts surrendured to the Capitol and lost their hope for change.Every year since the rebellion, the Capitol has forced 24 children into the arena and used hidden cameras to televise the murderings of one another in order to both entertain the Capitol citizens and remind the twelve remaining districts of how they are completely at the Capitol's mercy. Only one tribute can win the games.

Our fashion is soooo KAWAII!!!!!!!Just look at that outfit to the right. Shout out to District One for producing all of our jewelry!

During the Dark Ages, the Capitol defeated the rebellious thirteen disticts.

We have twelve types of nail polish, one for each district. They include Lux and Lush, Harvest Moon, and Smoke and Ashes.

Fast Facts - Our citizens number 96,463!!! - President Coriolanus Snow is our leader. - We rule over a nation comprised of thirteen districts called Panem.

The land that our sovereign Capitol rules over!


This is the Capitol flag.

"Must See" places-The Avenue of the Tribunes-President Snow's Mansion- The Training Center

-Welcome to the 74th Hunger Games-



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