Hunger games catching fire #2

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Hunger games catching fire #2

A Film Review By: Richa Luthra


Camera Shots

The many camera angles involved in Catching Fire is namely; Extreme Long Shot, Pan Movement and Close Up. Extreme Long Shot also pronounced as an establishing shot is one of the many most important camera shots present in this film. This type of shot represents the locations and surroundings of an important destination. This can be best exemplified all throughout Catching Fire. One of the scenes may involve the extreme long shot of the arena which has been displayed as a clock. The shot represents the importance of the location as of shown in the type of shot used. Another may include the extreme long shot of the audience and the mockingjay costume in the interview before the beginning of the Hunger Games. This shot was used to show the significance of the costume and the emotions of the thousands of people viewing the show and her majestic costume. Pan Movement is also present and thoughtfully used in Catching Fire. For this to be further exemplified, a scene in which graffiti was done on a wall during the travelling from one district to another displays the words “The odds are never in our favour”. This shot has been placed into a sequence with shots which make the viewer feel relaxed. As this graffiti shot scenes on, the audience is provoked and negativity if formed.Lastly, closeup is the final most important shot used in the making of Catching Fire. This can be exemplified through the scene of which Katniss and Prim and sitting down conversing with each other. This scene represents the presence of hope, love and kindness. Prim converses about hope present and the mockingjay symbolic to freedom. The girls then show affection which displays their emotions and represents that love is still present when everything around them is pitch black and colourless. I undoubtedly believe that these angles are three of the most important ones used in Catching Fire as they are used very effectively. Therefore, the three most important camera shots used the production of this film are namely; Extreme Long Shot, Pan Movement and Close Up.

Dialogue is one of the many important techniques involved in he production of Catching Fire.The conversation is between Katniss and her adoring sister Prim. This dialogue is taken at a close up to display their facial expressions namely; affection and the devotion for each other. For further exemplification, the dialogue may include; “Since the last games, something is different. I can see it.”. “What can you see?”. “Hope”. This dialogue is significant as it represents a new start. A another dialogue between President Snow and the game maker Plutarch Heavensbee. “She has become a beacon of hope for them. She has to be eliminated.”. This line is very significant as it displays the negativity in President Snow as he was shown as a very lively character in the beginning of the series. I believe that these two dialogues are the most significant as they provoke the audience and the characters are revealed as either negative or beautifully adoring. Therefore, dialogue is one of the most important techniques used the production of Catching Fire as it has made many links with other parts of the film as well as have major significance regarding with the film.

Costume - symbolism

Katniss’s costume is very eccentric as it portrays the many forms of symbolism present in her beautifully elegant costume. Katniss comes on stage onto a live interview which shows her in a majestic white dress, symbolising her wedding dress as of her marriage with Peeta Mellark, before the reaping of the 75th Annual Hunger Games. The shimmer and light on her dress is also symbolic to the great potential inside, in which many people do not realise. She is capable of many great things as of given the chance. As she twirls around gracefully, a fire is created on the bottom of her dress. As the fire reaches her upper body, the dress transforms into a navy blue costume. No one would have ever predicted that this wonderfully white, elegant wedding dress can transform into such a beautiful costume, replicating the role of a mockingjay. The navy blue dress is attached with great wings, which altogether form the body of a symbolic mockingjay. The mockingjay symbolises her great wisdom and knowledge as well as telling a story of the mockingjays helping Katniss into guiding her way to find her close friend in the previous games. The mockingjay also tells a story of how Katniss’s dad was taught how to sing through the whistles and replicates of a mockingjay before he was found dead in the coal mines. I believe that this dress is an appropriate way to symbolise the many memories found within the series and combine several of them very intelligently in an eccentric costume. Katniss’s costume beautifully depicts the symbolism between the many memories found throughout the film series as well as entertain and shock the audience completely with her elegant costume.


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