Hunger Food and Fund Drive

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Hunger Food and Fund Drive

What is Students Against Hunger?

Why is it important?

This campain runs from October 1 through December 5. The deadline, December 5, is the last day that you can bring in food and funds.

When is this?

Where are donations dropped off?

Students Against Hunger is a campain in North Carolina that runs from October 1 to December 5. This campain is a competition between schools, the schools have to collect and donate food and funds. This will all go to families in North Carolina struggling with hunger so their lives can be better.

This campain is important because it is raising food and funds for families in North Carolina. Over the past 15 years, students have donated about 4.6 million meals. In North Carolina, 50% of all students are provided free or reduced lunch in the 34 county service area.This also helps acedemically because kids cannot learn when they are hungry.

You have to register your school then you can donate by delivering food and funds to the food bank.

The donations for the campain can be dropped of at the warehouse of the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina.

Students Against Hunger Food and Fund Drive

How can you donate?

The items you can donate are canned food. The most needed items are: canned veggies and fruit, canned meat, canned beans and soup, cereal, whole grains and rice, peanut butter, hygeine and household items and paper products.

What can you donate?

What can't you donate?

Items that they ask you not to bring are glass, and items with low sodium and sugar are preffered.


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