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Humpry Davy

FACTS: 1. His parents are Grace Millet and Robert Davy.

FACTS: In 1798, he was appointed chemical superintendent of the Phenumatic Instituation.

FACTS: He explore oxides, nitrogen, and ammonia, he published his findings in Researches, Chemical, and Philosophical.

FACTS: He became a professer of chemistry at the Royal Institution of Great Britian.

FACTS: He was influenced by Michael Faraday, William Thomson, and 1st Baran Kelvin.

FACTS: Davy's dad died when he was sixteen, a year later Davy became a surgeon apprentice.

FACTS:He was a 1st Baronet, President of the Royal Society, Member of the Royal Irish Academy, and Fellow of the Geological Society.

FACTS: Davy was born in Penzance, Cornwall, England, United Kingdom.

Humphry Davy

FACTS: 1. Davy discovered many elements like, Barium, Calcium, Potassium, Sodium, and Boron. 2.He invented the Davy lamp and the Arc lamp.

FACTS:He also contributed to the discoveries of Chlorine and Iodine.


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