Humphry Davy's Miner's Lamp

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Humphry Davy's Miner's Lamp

Humphry Davy's Miner's LampBy Scotty Koch

Before this awesome invention, people had to use torches for light even in their houses or shelter homes. There were so many accidents down in caves from miners. The reason why there was accidents is because, in caves, there is a substance called methane gas. And, if you put fire with gas, you get more fire and sometimes explosions. That is why Humphry Davy made the ''Miner's Lamp''



The lamp was new but not very expensive. It was not like the new stupidly high priced new iPhone 6s costing over 1,000 U.S. dollars. FACT: The Miner's Lamp was more common in 1835-1850. Why was this lamp so cheap? Well, to Davy it wasn't about the money [COINS] because this was used for useful purposes, it was a safe way to cast light upon dark places without catching fire. It was truly useful.

Do we still use it?

How did it help people?

No, sadly we don't use the miner's lamp anymore. Americans have created such ''great stuff" that we don't even use what our natural resources give us anymore. I guess this could be food for thought for you.

It helped people shine light upon caves or in a home. What is greater? Saving lives with a lamp? Or saving drama from phone divas with a smartphone? Once again, food for thought.


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