Humid Continental Climate

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Earth Sciences

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Humid Continental Climate

SeasonsThere are four seasons: Spring, summer, fall, and winter. The temperature range is very big from below zero in winter to 100 degrees in summer.

Location - It is in the interior of midlatitude continents, away from the coast. - Found between polar and tropical regions, as a result of the collision of these regions.

Humid Continental Climate

Northern Hemisphere...

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VegetationThere are a lot of trees and plants that can withstand the cold winters. In the summer there are many farms that grow corn, wheat, and other agriculture products.

WeatherIt will vary through the year and is very inconsistant. A lot of precipitation between rain and snow. Very humid during the summer.

Animals There are various types of animals for instance : birds, reptiles, insects, and snakes. There are also deer, bear, and freshwater fish.


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