Humerus Fracture

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Humerus Fracture

Humerus Fracture


Humerus Fractures in healthy individuals are caused by a direct blow to the upper arm such as a car accident or an impactful fall or in rare cases a severe twist in the upper arm and an abnormally strong muscle contraction.

Body Systems/Parts Affected


Common Sports and Prevention

Sports like hockey and american football cause blunt trauma to arms leading to Humerus fractures, but baseball has the highest amount of Humerus fractures due to the high tension in their arms from throwing at high velocities causing strong muscle contractions and awkward twists.

To prevent a Humerus fracture, avoid high contact sports, and repetitive motions of a single arm such as throwing a ball hard constantly. Also consume calcium to avoid thinning and weakening of the bones for example osteoporosis which will leave your humerus more susceptible to fractures


Drew Taylor

The Skeletal body system is seriously hindered post-fracture because the Humerus is a vital bone to the arm thus leaving it without the capacity to move, bend or twist comfortably and safely. Evidently the Humerus itself is greatly affected because it no longer has strength.

Technology and Prognosis

X-Rays are the most effective way of diagnosing a Humerus fracture. The Humerus needs to heal by bones being realigned therefore a full arm cast is always the most important part of treating the Humerus fracture in order to assure that the bone heals correctly. After a recovery of about 4-8 weeks in a full cast, the physician will then reevaluate the injury and discuss further timelines. Much like the femur, it can be hard to return to 100% even though it happens more often than not. Multiple surgeries might be required and can span well over a year in order to fully heal a complication in the alignment of the fractured Humerus.


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