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Human Anatomy

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How human hands are similar and different from other primates hands?A similarity would be that we humans and primates have opposable thumbs. We have the ability to grasp and grab things with our hands. A difference would be that the human hand is much more flexible than other primates hands.

Primate Hand Comparision

Nerve signals...

When children are young, their compacity for learning is greater, which allows them to learn different languages more efficiently. Children also have the time to learn about their culture from their parents or elders who are in their lives very often. Children can pick up how to behave from their parents. Later on in life, these children who are now in their late teens or are adults, their learning capacity diminishes slowly. But longer childhoods allow kids to be exposed to their parents more which allows them to pick up languages and their culture.


The CerebrumWe have different parts in our cerebrum. First we have the frontal lobe, which controls our thinking, emotions, behaviors, problem solving, personality, planning, etc. Next we have the mortor cortex which controls our movement. Then we have the sensory cortex which controls sensations. After that we have the parietal lobe which controls perception, arithmetic and spelling. We then have the occipital lobe which processes images. Lastly we have the temporal lobe, which controls our memory, understanding, and language.

Bipedal structure...

How the Human Brain and Other Primates Brains are similar and different?Most primates and humans brains are similar, besides the macaque which has a dent. The human brain and primates brain are about the same size. Humans and primates have the same parts of the brain: the cerebrum, the cerebellum, and the brain stem. The only difference would be the macaque have that dent, which the human brain does not have.

How Humans are Structured to be bipedal:The shape of our spine, allows us to walk upright and our spine allows us to support our body.

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How Nerves transmit information:First, nerves information is transmitted by a chemical called neurotransmitters which sends a signal to a neuron that first starts at the demorites. Then it moves through the cell body and lastly ends at the axon.

Our brain is responsible for complex behavior because our frontal lobe in the cerebrum controls our emotions, behaviors and our thoughts. If somehow our frontal lobe were to be damaged then our personality would change and so would the way we view people and the world.


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