Humans on the move

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Humans on the move

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Humans on the Move!

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12 Reasons People Migrate1. Environment – If people want a warmer climate they may move away2. Natural disasters – A tornado, tsunami, earthquake, etc. might force people away from their homes3. Conflict/War – People may choose to or be forced to move away due to the devastation and dangers of war4. Poverty – People with poor lives may want to have a better one by moving to another country5. Healthcare – One country may have a better healthcare system than another6. Education – To a parent, their child’s education is most important7. Jobs – If you want to sustain a life, you may want to go somewhere with more opportunities 8. Human rights – In some places there are laws which are simply too strict9. Cost of living – Some places are more expensive to live in than others 10. Resources – If you live in a place with less water, for example, you may want to move somewhere with more water11. Family/friends – Many of us would be happier living with friends and family12. Safety – Safety is the number one priority, and the first thing you take into consideration when living somewhere



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