Humans make life brutal

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Humans make life brutal

Here are people getting hit by the intensity of a fire hose. The people getting spreaded are just siting there, not fighting in anyway. I thnk that this is a good example of the brutality humans bring upon eachother. It would hurt a lot to get hit by a fire hoses blast. This was a very cruel thing to do to these people.


1933-45 - Dachau Concentration camp 1938 - Night of broken glass1942 - The parade of Jews. May 3rd 1963- Excesive force on non-violent protestorsPresent date - Childen Soilders

The night of broken glass. Nazi party members all over Germany went through cities burning Sinagogs and destroying Jewish homes and buisness. This was happening by people to other people. Lives were being destroyed, people got killed and beaten. The night of broken glass was a terribly brutal night.

The Parade of Jews

Forcing starving people to march for miles while beating them, that's brutal. The Parade of Jews consited of marching hundereds of Jew, through the streets to Concentration camps. Things where thrown at the Jews, Jews were beaten, Jews where himiliated. This embaressing insiedent, was brutal physicaly and spirtiually. Humans are brutal.


Dachau is a wonderful example of the brutality of humans. This concentration camp was one of the first death camps used by the Nazi party for the ultamite solution. Thousands of people came into Dachau, where they were starved, burned, gassed, and shot. That's very brutal. Humans doing this to other humans, that's brutal.

Humans make life Brutal

Getting Hosed


Child Soilders


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