Humans in the 22nd Century

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Humans in the 22nd Century


Technology in the future has improved immensely in the past 100 years. Cell phones are a thing of the past, instead people wear a patch on their skin that acts as a cell phone but in your brain. You could watch a video in your mind or send a text in seconds just by thinking it! Another new technology is 3D printers. Almost everyone has one and uses it on a daily basis for making things like cothing, food, houses and instruments. Transporataion is now easily accessible to everyone. Cheap flights in a space craft that flies at the speed of sound can take you to the moon, Earth or Mars. Most water travel is done by use of hover boats that fly just above the water. All cars are now solar powered and do not damage the enviroment. Electric skateboards are how most young people get around though. They are much cheaper than cars and the batteries are rechargeable. Regarding the public's health everyone is required to wear a ring on their toe or finger that monitors their health. The ring will tell the owner what their workout will be and how long they must do it to stay at a healhty level. It will play a hologram to demonstrate the workout and help with any questions you ask it. The ring will monitor heart rate, blood pressure, amount of sweat, and all of your body to make sure you stay healthy. If something is off, the ring will alert you and refer you to the nearest doctor.

Life In Space

Humans in the 22nd Century



Education in the future has changed in many ways. Each colony has a preschool and primary school for boys and girls. Even though there is only one school, the class sizes are still regulated and no more than 25 children in a classroom. Once they reach middle school and high school they are separated in differnet schools. But as they move onto Universities they are combined once again. From a young age children learn to speak three languages to better improve the communication of people in society. Teaching has also become a very well paying job because educating the younger generation is extremely important in the future. Each colony has their own university, and students may attend any university they choose. All universities are open to all students, you don,t have to get into a college you just take harder classes when you get there if you want a hihger level education. Cost of tuition depends how much income your family brings in, so richer people pay more and poorer people pay less. It really helps to get good grades too. Anyone who has a GPA in highschool over 3.5 automatically gets a discount on their tuition and the higher your grades the better the discount. If you keep your grades up every year at University the discount will be renewed for the next year's tuition.


Since scientists were able to create atmospheres on the moon and Mars, humans have made several colonies at both. Due to pollution Earth's ozone layer is completely gone in some places on Earth. Only about 50% of the Earth is still habitabal. With 15 colonies on Earth, 8 on Mars and 2 on the moon humans are beginning to explore the solar system more. Over population is a real issue and is closely supervised. A family can have no more than two children without special permission. Special permission is only given when someone has triplets or twins on their second pregnancy. Mars had no atmoshere before, so to keep it alive and thriving half of the planet has been dedicated to forest and plant life to keep oxygen levels up. The moon has a hard time planting anything because the surface is so rocky so above ground gardens and yards are the norm there. Every house is required to have at least 2 above ground gardens to help support the atmosphere.

Each colony elects their own govenor. All these govenors meet once a month to collaborate and discuss issues. Since every colony is very different many issues do not pertain to the whole group of govenors so each govenor has a council that he looks to for guidance. This council consists of 10 officials elected by the people. They have the power to veto a decision of the govenor but 70% of the council has to agree to veto.

- Solar powered cars- Regular and inexpensivespace craft flights to planets and moons- Electric skateboards- Hover Boats

A Solar Powered Honda 2115 Model

First classrooms on Mars

Members of a colony's council

Health Ring

Cell phone brain patch

First plants on Mars

3D Printer

Volkswagen Aqua Hovercraft 2120 Model

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