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The Wereling; Ressurection

Kate and Tom have been running from Kate's family to prevent the 'wolf from being awakened within her. They find themselves in Chicago where the 'wolf Takapa is up to his old tricks and attempting to ressurrect the ''Great Wolf''' back into the world of humans and lycans.

CharactersTom - a wereling (person who retains humanity while in werewolf form) who tries to stop the bad 'wolves in Chicago.Kate - born a 'wolf, but not yet a full werewolf helping Tom.Adam Blood - Kate and Tom's friend who meets up with them in Chicago.Sunday - a girl whose scientist father was kidnapped by Takapa for his evil plans.Ryan Chung - a werwolf in the Dark Chapter who keeps tabs on the killings within the city.Takapa - an evil 'wolf who seeks to make the lycans the top race.Marcie - Kate's mother who turned Tom 'wolf and who is aiding Takapa.Peter Stubbe - ''The Great Wolf'', the first known werewolf. Merely a corpse until Takapa begins plans to ressurrect him.

by Stephen Cole

SettingThe city of Chicago, Illinois in the present day.

ThemeNever give up on your goal or leave anyone behind. Perserverence and faith will prevail, evil and wrong-doing can be stopped.

Tom and Kate like each other, but they cannnot be together unless Tom is cured of being a wereling. The relationship would cause the 'wolf inside Kate would awken and cause her to become like her mother, Marcie and her father.

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