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humanities louis riel

History of ManitobaGrade 7 Humanities Poster Project

On your poster, demonstrate your understanding of:-The Manitoba Act-Reasons for the 2nd Metis uprising in 1885-Similarities & differences between the reasons for this uprising and the resistance in 1869-Details of the uprising in 1885-The fate of Louis Riel-Government control of the West

Poster Requirements:-Images-Text with accurate information-Links to helpful websites or documents -A title and your name

You could add your own drawings or pictures from the Internet

7.2.4 assess, critically, the role, contributions and influence of the Red River Métis on thedevelopment of western Canada by exploring and reflecting upon the following questionsand issues:• What factors led to Louis Riel’s emergence as the leader of the Métis?• What similarities and differences exist between the causes of the Red River Resistance in1869 and the causes of the second Métis uprising in 1885? • How did the Government of Canada’s response to the Red River Resistance and the secondMétis uprising solidify Canada’s control of the West? • To what extent were the Red River Resistance and the second Métis uprising means to counter assimilation? • What were the Métis, First Nations, French and British perspectives on the events that led to the establishment of Manitoba?• How was the creation of Manitoba an attempt to achieve compromise between the Métis, First Nations, French and British peoples?

Members of the Provisional Government, led by Louis Riel

A map of Canada in 1867: Confederation(Remember that the Hudson's Bay Co. owned Rupert's Land and the Metis lived there, though it was not officially owned by them. Shortly after Confederation Canada started to look at expanding to the West.

Be sure to look at the rubric



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