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Humanities in English

The methods of teaching both of these individuals brought to their class was something many students had not experienced before. They encouraged students to form their own opinions and interpretations of the content presented, as opposed to abiding by a one-track list of facts to memorize for impending tests. Their activities promoted free-range creativity and collaboration. Mr. Bingham and Ms. Diaz were also honest with their students, treating them more closely to the level of respectful equals rather than a herd of impressionable sheep. Information of history and English and higher level thinking were things that flourished in Humanities.

Essential to my decision in becoming a teacher, meeting instructors Mr. Bingham and Ms. Diaz is an event that cannot be overlooked. The duo co-taught a class meant to break the mold of standard History and English lectures in high school, by coming together in a single class for "Humanities". Mr. Bingham, a quick-witted and well-traveled man delivering facts in a refreshingly frank manner, and Ms. Diaz, a woman with the same kind of direct energy who is skilled in bringing her students together.


Humanities in English


During the 10th grade, many students begin to find their stride within certain aspects of school, be it a favored subject, a sport to invest in, an instrument or other form of art and expression. The mind of those at 14/15 years of age has developed enough for bolder teachers to feel secure in exposing to their students the inconsistencies of the material they have been given their whole lives, as well as the deeper complexities that promote the importance of individual thought. I can recall this was a time of many paradigm shifts for me, and how I grew more of a natural curiosity and interest in all areas of education.


In Atascocita High School of Humble, Texas, this Humanities class was formed. Its location meant a lot to me, as it was a class that became a destination to look forward to amid the droning monotony that can be the city of Humble. Atascocita High is a very big school, as can be seen in the video presented, filled with diverse students. Even with all the differences among us, I have never encountered a person that disliked being taught by Mr. Bingham and Ms. Diaz.

The impact and influence this class and these teachers made upon me created a kind of goal in mind tied to becoming a teacher: to be one as memorable and effective as Mr. Bingham and Ms. Diaz. Their class conjured so much interest in the material and the output of creative projects and papers demonstrated the benefit of the course. Students that were known to habitually skip classes once said to me they would come to school "just for Humanities". Individual and higher-level thought was encouraged and expected, and with the success of the first year the course came to fruition, a wait-list formed to get in. The way they taught paired with personal brain-development and growth of one in the 10th grade all came together in an experience I will strive to provide for my future students.



Image provided by Atascocita High School

Video from the offical 2011 AHS lipdub channel

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