Human Trafficking and slavery

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Human Trafficking and slavery

Each year about 17,500 individuals are brought into the United States and held against their will as victims of human trafficking.

Some estimate the number is as high as 60,000 annually. These numbers do not include those who are here from previous years, migrants already in the US, runaways, displaced persons, and those from oppressed/marginalized groups and the poor. Combating human trafficking is a daunting task and emergency healthcare providers have a critical role to play.

Trafficking, Human Slaves, and other stuff.

Modern slavery inside the United States has many forms; the most commonly known form is sex slavery. The other forms are:Domestic ServitudeForced labor in AgricultureForced labor in the Hospitality industryRestaurants & Food ServiceSweatshopsPeddling & BeggingAnd other businessesForced labor slaves can be found in any industry that calls for cheap labor, especially poorly monitored industries.

In the United States, sex trafficking commonly occurs in online escort services, residential brothels, brothels disguised as massage businesses or spas, and in street prostitution. Labor trafficking has been found in domestic servitude situations, as well as sales crews, large farms, restaurants, carnivals, and more.

Through a study done by the Wisconsin Department of Justice back in 2007, human trafficking was found to be in MORE THAN HALF of Wisconsin's 72 counties and consisted of both labor and sex trafficking.



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