Human Rights

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Human Rights

Human Rights

Serve:Shay and Tamar

Freedom of thought

Rights List

Right to DemocracySecurity of the personThe right to express your opinionRight to workRight to smailRight to enjoy our life

We choose this right becouse, the other rights can't be able if we are not alive.We can't just kill each other and to extinct from this world.Then we need the Right To Live

We choose this right because: if people can not express themselves the company will be controll by one opinion.


A free and fair world

We choose this right because: we need to enjoy our life.How we can do this ? If we will live in a free and fair world' we can enjoy move and do what we Want without harming others

The TastB. in our opinion the message was: STOP RACISM. in the story the author highlights

the racism against people with dark skin, and his massage is don't do what they did. D. in the game we were shocked frome the racism in the game. The things that the black women experienced were anfair.2 AnswersA. Yes I believe it still exists, for exsemple: yesterday demonstration in Tel Aviv was because the police hit a black soldure without our opinion racism is injury in people because religion, race or gender.

Right to life


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