Human Rights

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Human Rights

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freedom of expressionI chose this right beacause every person need to be able to express himself and say his opinion without be afraid of the punishment as a result of saiyng something that against the opinion of the society.

the right to lifeI chose this right beacase I think this is the most basic thing a person can ask for: to be able to live his life, and not only to live his life but to live them the way he thinks its the best for him and for the people around him.


right #2

no one can take away your human rightsI chose this right beacause in my opinion no one is allowed to take a person's right no matter how important this person is, beacause every person is equal and no person has more or less rights than another person.

right #3

the rights I think are important and not on the "human rights declaration" are: 1. the right for high education. 2. the right for a professional training. 3. the right for perfessional compatition.

A. While reading the story I felt bad for Marian for not able to defence herself infront of the inspector because she was afraid he will fail her. D. While plaing the game and reading all of the sources and information abour the racism in America on the 60', I realized that the story was just one example out of many racist events that happend towerds black people in America.

the test

right #1

my rights


- I think that racism is still exist. some people are taking racist actions not only beacause people's skin color but also beacause of their sexual identity,age,disability, apearance, etc. - I think that racism is every unfair action people take that affected by some feature of a person.


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