Human Rights

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Human Rights

Nazi prisoners of war were given preferential seating on American trains

Carol HolmesTeaching American History Academy (TAHA)Richmond Public SchoolsRichmond, VA

Until desegregation had its effect in the United States in the 1960s, the occupation of porter was almost the exclusive province of African American men.

Carol HolmesTeaching American History Academy (TAHA)Richmond Public SchoolsRichmond, VA

Morgan v. Virginia is an often-overlooked landmark case of the civil rights movement. Decided on June 3, 1946, nearly a decade before Rosa Parks challenged segregated seating on a public bus in Montgomery, Alabama, the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling in this case struck down Virginia's law requiring racial segregation in interstate public transportation.

The first Freedom Ride left Washington, D.C., on May 4, 1961, and was scheduled to arrive in New Orleans on May 17.

Emancipation and Human Rights in History

Fighting Segregation In Transportation

The GREEN BOOK with its list of hotels, boarding houses, restaurants, beauty shops, barber shops and various other services can most certainly help solve your travel problems. It was the idea of Victor H. Green, the publisher, in introducing the Green Book, to save the travelers of his race as many difficulties and embarrassments as possible.”

VIRGINIA Railroads (title 56, ch. 13, art. 5, secs. 390 through 404, inclusive)Sections 392 and 393: A company employee or agent may reapportion the seating, if necessary, compelling passengers to move as often as may be necessary. Provided, however, that no white and colored persons shall occupy contiguous seats. A company agent failing to carry out these provisions may be fined $5 to $25. A passenger who refuses to act in accordance with these regulations, after having been told of his violation of the law, is guilty of a misdemeanor for which he may be fined $5 to $25. Furthermore, the passenger may be ejected, and may secure no part of his fare in return.


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