Human Rights Violations: Somalia

by Megangj
Last updated 8 years ago

Social Studies

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Human Rights Violations: Somalia

Human Rights Violations; Somalia

Human rights violations are extremely bad in Somalia and have been since 1991; the last time the country has seen a stable government.


The country has gone for over a decade without government, without protection. Somalia's only sense of enforcement is provided by police and factional militia. To the right you will see a picture of militia, whom are kids and have been recruited from young to harm, kill and kidnap their own people. Police have done no better at protecting the people, as they are responsible for many deaths and poor treatment.

The poor treatment and discrimination against women and children in Somalia are devistating. Many are raped, genitally mutilated, abused, totured by polica and militia. Children often join militia groups from a very young age. Many die from starvation, and malnutrition.



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