Human Reproduction

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Human Anatomy

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Human Reproduction

Menstrual Cycle

Human Reproduction

Human Reproduction

20 Minutes Embryonic Stem Cells

Pregnancy Weeks 1-4

Inside Pregnancy Weeks 1-9

Human Development

Menstruation Cycle

Menstruation Cycle

Blob Blob Song

Male Reproductive System

Male Reproductive System

Female Reproductive System

Female Reproductive System

Internal External Reproduction within Corals

Amniocentesis and Ultrasound

Labor and Delivery



  • NepetaL 9 years ago

    NepetaL's avatar

    :33: So this is how humans become MateSpirts? Um... Wierd~ Nepeta

  • Tehescmarts 9 years ago

    Tehescmarts's avatar

    It is wondrous and amazing! It is not to be taken lightly. To bring a new life into the world--a joy!--the smiles, the first steps, the first words. A privilege coupled with tremendous responsibility. Children require food, clothing, hugs, love, shelter, guidance, and protection. It is very difficult work but the best job in the universe!