Human Launch Pad

by Balmoral
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Language Arts

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Human Launch Pad

Human Launch PadIt started off as an ordinary boring Sunday trudging to the local park. When we had completed the fffirst street of our journey, a strange little blond curly haired dog started following us. We didn’t worry about it though. Yes, we reached the park. It was time to race Serge up the rope spider web. I won, hurray. About ten minutes later those dreaded words came, time to go home. So off we set for home.That pesky dog really annoyed me as he was still following us! At the top of street, I tilted my head and slowly rotated it. Yes, thank goodness the dog wasn’t there. Joyfully I skipped knowing I could go home to my adorable cat.I was at the top of our steep sloping drive and made sure that irritating dog was not following me. Mum, I shouted, that exasperating dog is still following me. “Just leave him,” she replied.“He’ll go away.” “Okay,” I answered. I was at our front door studying his matted collar and looking at the phone number on it. "I’ll wait outside with the dog and you guys go inside,” I recommended. “Okay,” Mum replied.So the rest of my family went inside and rang the dogs owner while I stayed outside with it. The owner was there and would come soon. Mum, Fez my cat, Serge and Dad stayed by the front door. Fez was hissing, meowing, his fur was standing on edge and he was ready to pounce. Cautiously my Mum opened the door three centimetres and wham out sprung Fez. I scampered inside barely having time before ... awwwwwwwwww shooting pains spread around my face and blood streamed down like lava on a volcano. I started to scream as the agonising pains got worse. Blindly I stumbled upstairs and sat down. Quickly Mum opened the balcony door and shut Fez outside. Swiftly Mum mopped up blood with towels, applied band aids and tried to calm me down. Fez had jumped on my head and used it as a launching pad to attack the dog from. Unfortunately when he launched himself from the top of my head his claws left deep bloody grooves between my eyes, on my nose, forehead, cheek and scalp.The next day Mum took me to the doctor. The nurse put a special type of dressing on my wounds. It was white with a crisscross pattern and specially designed to bring the sides of the woundtogether. I also had to take antibiotics to stop any infections developing. And from that day forwards I have had a deep scar above my nose.


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